‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ brings car soccer game to iOS


The high-octane sports game “Rocket League Sideswipe” has shot onto iOS, with the car soccer title arriving on the small screen worldwide after existing on consoles and PC for years.

The mobile version of the main “Rocket League” game, “Sideswipe” takes the core concept of rocket-propelled cars playing soccer, but simplifies it. Rather than requiring players to deal with three dimensions, “Sideswipe” instead is a side-on game that has players dealing with just two.

Loosely following the rules of soccer, teams must knock a ball into their opponent’s goal, while also defending their own. However, instead of people, the game uses cars with rockets, enabling them to gain a speed boost, jump, and fly in the air.

While made easier for mobile gameplay, the game still offers the same aerial acrobatic maneuvers as its full-fat counterpart, with tweaks made to service both touchscreen gameplay and use of a Bluetooth controller. There are both private match options and competitive modes, as well as a global leaderboard.

Users can also customize their vehicle, just like the main version, with unlockable additions able to be earned over time. The “Rocket Pass” will offer more earnable customization options for a fee, and will become available following the “pre-season” launch period.

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