Dua Lipa’s Black Maximilian Dress Proves That Quiet Elegance Always Wins at the Fashion Awards

If the Fashion Awards paid tribute to services to young designers, Dua Lipa might well have walked away with a statuette for her commitment to wearing up-and-coming brands. The Vogue cover star, who this year reinvented herself as the poster girl for emerging talent thanks to her stylist Lorenzo Posocco’s eye for the next big thing, called upon Maximilian Davis to create her a custom look for the industry celebration.
Proving that sometimes it pays to pare things back, Dua’s quietly elegant black Creole crepe gown is in keeping with her current penchant for all things understated, black and usually by Balenciaga. Its simplicity spoke a thousand words and showed that you don’t always need to wear the boldest Y2K look to get noticed (see her recent itsy-bitsy baby-pink Blumarine moment at Adele’s London Palladium concert for that). At just 26, she is not only a true fashion chameleon, but also wiser than her years.