Our five favourite home decor Insta gurus right now


We’re in our homes now more than ever. You might be getting just a little sick of staring at the same four walls over and over, seeing the same bits and pieces around the place that have been there forever.

Being in a third lockdown certainly doesn’t help matters. If anyone’s been keeping up with me, I’ve been absolutely bingeing on home decor and DIY pages on Instagram since lockdown II. I’m properly obsessed with these people and how much they seem to achieve in the space of a thirty second reel. So productive. So aesthetic. So….achievable?

I can hear my family’s groans each time I get inspired by these handy Instagram people, who snap their fingers and a piece of roadside junk turns into a modernly vintage, arsty bar cart, or a feathered lamp. I could do that, I think, staring at reel after reel. I could definitely do that.

After many failed artistic attempts, I have accepted, I am no artist. But these Instagram decor bloggers are. Have a browse through my top five picks for decor inspo and either get inspired or simply decide to live through them after your several failed attempts at being *Handy Gal*.

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