15 Universally Flattering Peach Hair Color Ideas


We’re calling it now: 2021 is the year to try a fun new hair color. This year, the world of blush hair is graduating from the well-worn rose golds and magenta pinks of last year to a perfect blend of orange and pink, with colors evocative of a beachy sunset or a juicy summer peach. If you’re itching for a hair color makeover, peach hair is a surprisingly versatile vivid to test out.

“It’s low commitment, as lighter colors are easier to get out,” says Brian O’Connor, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Good Dye Young. “Peach does tend to look great on all skin tones. Because it’s more of a neutral orange … it’s not as intense of a contract with your skin.” The right shade of peach can flatter anyone. To achieve the perfect peach tone for you, O’Connor suggests showing your stylist a photo of the color you’re aiming for, since this trend can vary so much.

Hoping to skip the salon and dye your hair from home? No problem. Unlike some other vivid tones like silver or purple that require hair to start with an almost-white base, peach is more forgiving. “The hair does need to be a level 9-10 [light to very light blonde] but it doesn’t necessarily need to be white since the tones of the peach dye will mix well with all blonde tones,” O’Connor explains. Keep in mind that if you’re hoping for lasting color, peach hair will require some upkeep. “Pastel dyes typically last two to four weeks with proper care like color-safe shampoo, cool water, heat protection,” O’Connor says.

Read on for our favorite celebrity takes on the trendy style — even Julia Roberts and Helen Mirren have tried peach-hued locks!

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