Mercury in Aries Is Helping You Find Your Voice


Every planet has signs it loves to be in, and signs it hates to be in. And while it’s not retrograde right now, Mercury has been in one its least fave signs, Pisces, for the past three weeks. On April 3, Mercury finally moves into Aries—which, while not its favorite sign, is one in which it functions much better than watery Pisces. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are thriving with Mercury in Aries’ energy, while cardinal signs Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn might struggle to keep up.

Mercury governs communication, so whichever sign it’s in influences how you connect with others. Aries is creative, extroverted, and passionate, and as the first sign of the zodiac, it loves anything new and exciting. Aries can also be just a little bit self-centered—which, TBH, isn’t always a bad thing.

The next three weeks are encouraging you to find your voice. You don’t just want to be seen or acknowledged—you demand it! If you have a thought or idea you want to share, you’re ready to speak it, tweet it, and shout it from the rooftops. You’re basically a natural leader, too, inspiring others to follow your example.

Of course, there’s a downside. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and energy—so you might come off a teensy bit aggressive if you’re not careful! It’s also easy to fall into the classic Aries trope of acting selfish, only concerned about your ideas, your goals, and your personal agenda. Look at Aries’ opposite sign, Libra, to figure out how you can balance out these shadier traits: You can speak your mind, but remember to listen, too. Find someone with similar goals and insist on working with them, rather than competing.

Over the next few weeks, you might try to start working on a billion new projects, only for them to fizzle out. Try to find just one thing that genuinely makes you feel excited, and take it with you when Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus on April 19. Have fun!

HBD! It’s your time to shine, Aries. Now that Mercury has joined Venus and the Sun in your sign, you are absolutely the star of the show. If your Aries season had a dull start, expect things to get ramped up to the next level in the coming weeks. It’s the perfect time to begin any of the new jobs, projects, or relationships that you’re seeking!

Cut the cord. Build a bridge. Get over it! Mercury in Aries is asking you to take all of the old projects or relationships in your life, find closure, and get rid of ’em. If you’re always thinking about your ex, how can you expect your love life to thrive? If you’re struggling with toxic friends, how can you get the squad of your dreams? You hold onto things for a long, long time, Taurus, but now you’re letting go. That way, when Taurus season rolls around, you can start the new projects, jobs, and relationships that you want and deserve.

Gemini and Aries are naturally compatible signs, so you’re doing pretty well for yourself now that Mercury (your fave planet) is in Aries. You have a real pep in your step, and your already super social sensibilities are being amplified. New connections are around every corner, so you’re basically thriving!

As (arguably) the most introverted sign, the extroverted, blazing-hot energy of Mercury in Aries might feel a little uncomfy—but the planets are gonna push you into the spotlight anyway! Right now, it’s all about your long-term career goals. You’re finishing up big projects, kicking ass, and showing your boss that you mean business! Work your ass off, and by the end of Mercury’s stay in Aries, a promotion or raise could be coming your way.

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Your life is feeling more and more like an adventure every day! All of these Aries vibes are pushing you to expose yourself to the world around you, whether it be through (safe, local) travel, new connections, or education. You’re also learning that nothing is boring, and everything can be a learning opportunity. Every day, hour, and minute is an experience right now, Leo. Now it’s just up to you to make sure it’s a good one!

Mercury is your ruling planet, and while it’s in Aries, you’re turning your perspective inwards and exploring the deeper, darker sides of yourself now. What makes you feel passion? Who are you passionate about? Your chart’s intimacy zone is being lit up now, Virgo, and for the next few weeks, you’re able to find someone who just ~gets you~ on a deep, emotional level. It’s the perf time to share meaningful connections, and—if you’re looking for something serious—initiate a strong, stable new relationship.

If you’ve read your Aries season/Venus in Aries horoscopes, you already know that Aries season = cuffing season for you, and Mercury in Aries’ influence is making you even more relationship-oriented. All of these planets in Aries, with Mercury’s help, are just begging you to slide into your crush’s DMs, get boo’d up, DTR, or upgrade your relationship, so don’t waste time! Now’s your best shot!

Health and work are your main focus right now, Scorpio. Boring, I know, but this is seriously an important time. Are you productive? Taking care of yourself? Staying on top of your day-to-day routine? If not, you are def feeling it. Work could become more stressful, you could start feeling really shitty, and your to-do list could easily get way outta hand. You. Gotta. Re. Organize. Your. Life. It’s tough work, but necessary work, and you’ll be blown away by how great you feel with a productive daily routine.

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Any Aries-y vibes in the cosmos suggest that good things are coming your way, Sagittarius. Now that the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all in Aries , you’re thriving. The big focus in your life now is simply having fun. If you wanna get creative, you’re making gorgeous works of art. If you’re feeling frisky, sex is way hotter and your DMs are full of people ready to trade nudes. If you’re looking for love, finding a match is a breeze. Whatever you want, you can have, Sagittarius, as long as you can go out and get it!

You’re an earth sign, Aries is a fire sign—y’all’s energy just doesn’t blend. You want to initiate all of this Aries newness and excitement, but you’re also feeling introverted and shy. Here’s the solution to balance out these wonky vibes: Stay at home. Redecorate! Connect with the roommates! Call your folks! Also, if you’re moving, this is pretty great astro-weather for that, too!

This transit, along with the Sun and Venus in Aries, is activating your chart’s communication zone. Your phone’s off the hook, your DMs are stuffed full of hotties, and your inbox is never not empty. Is it a busy time? Yes. But is it a fun time? Also yes! There’s loads of potential for making new connections right now. Only a few will stick around for long term, but that’s okay—you’re still having a great time!

Your chart’s second house, which governs your finances, is being activated now, so work is becoming a bigger focus. You’re starting off this transit looking at all of the newness that you introduced to your life during Pisces season, choosing the best things, and really working on them. This is perfect for easing into a new position or slaying that big presentation. Working hard now will lead to great results, and a little extra cash could find its way onto your next paycheck, too!

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