Maye Musk’s Guide to Styling Gray Hair, and Skin Care in Your 70s


I’m Maye Musk and I’m excited to share my beauty secrets.

So to start off with, I’m going to do skincare,

then makeup, then haircare and then hand care.

Here we have cleanser. I just need a couple of drops.

The skin is the largest organ in the body,

and I am a dietician with 2 master of science degrees so.

I really have specialized in eating well,

lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

So I’m going to use the 1 1 1 skin mask.

Its really relaxing.

And this often happens on set too, which I think is great.

I leave it on for 20 minutes.

I’ve always had to look after my skin because first of all,

I was modeling since I was 15 and I’m now 73.

And you really can’t last that long as a model

unless you look after your skin.

So unfortunately when I was a teenager in South Africa,

I’m from Canada, but I grew up in South Africa.

We ran out in the sun all the time, there was no sunblock,

we didn’t wear hats and we certainly didn’t have sunscreen.

So you will see that I do have some sun spots on my face

and that skin damage from the sun.

So to keep my eyes moisturized,

you need a special cream for that.

I use this Dior Eye Serum and what I love is the applicator.

Look at it.

I know people worry about wrinkles and getting older,

Well, obviously I don’t.

I’m not old enough yet. And,

and Vogue will bring me back in my 80’s and 90’s as well.

So I need to keep the skin going.

Yes, you have to look after your skin

because otherwise then you start looking in the mirror

and not liking yourself.

We can’t have that.

The Melem M lip balm.

Put it on my lips and you know,

I have to take it with me every where.

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