One Vogue Editor’s Quest to Find Moderately Adventurous Styling Tricks


In today’s edition of What I Wore This Week, Sarah Spellings shares her past five days—a collection of layered looks, backward cardigans, Rachel Comey, and cowboy boots.

I’m not a stylist. I love clothes, but I don’t have that artistic inner voice that says, “oh you know what? This dress would look great with an upside-down, inside-out t-shirt layered underneath it.” (I’m assuming that’s the inner monologue of a stylist.) Instead, I generally rely on solid pieces that do the work for me. I’ve written before that my ideal aesthetic is “wayward West Texas art collector,” and that means I rely on a closet of well-selected, sculptural, or whimsical pieces in neutral colors that I know I’ll wear again and again.

But every now and then, I get the itch to try and experiment with my clothes, to push the boundaries of what I’m comfortable with just a little bit. This happened to me on Sunday evening. Lying in bed watching the cast of Succession panic in their neat little suits, I had the sudden urge to wear a metallic Rachel Comey wrap dress to work the next day. The silver, gold, bronze, and green dress is one of my favorites (I actually have two dresses in this silhouette) and I’m on a mission to wear it more often. The outfit I settled on was one that was stuck in my head for a while, and I decided that evening to just go for it—all week long. So come along with me for a week’s worth of outfits where I tried to flex my styling muscles.

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