Mandy Moore’s Style Transformation


Mandy Moore was just 15 years old when she released her first pop single ‘Candy’ in 1999. Twenty-one years later and we have to admit, she’s still like sugar to our heart. Just like her musical style, Moore’s sartorial choices have evolved over the years from the typical pop star uniform (think: low-rise jeans with blazers or flowy tops) to a more sophisticated penchant for elevated and tailored basics.

Of course, more recently she couldn’t help but add a dose of Rebecca Pearson-inspired ‘70s style to her repertoire, but we’re getting ahead of ourself. Now, let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see just how the 36-year-old performer’s style has transformed over the years.

We’re fairly certain every teen from this era also owned a ruffle-hemmed butterfly top (probably from Delia*s) and low-rise baby pink trousers (probably from Express). Honestly, we could see someone wearing something very similar to this very look—a feminine suit and strappy square-toe sandals—today and not look out of place. Bravo on the timeless outfit, Mandy.