Here’s Everything We Know about Amazon Prime Day 2021


You ever realize it’s Amazon Prime Day and then drop whatever it is you’re doing to open up that laptop and try to score some sweet, $weet deals—only to then find out that you’re approximately 22 hours late to the shopping-palooza and most of the juicy sales are now out of stock? Same. But this year, that doesn’t have to happen to us.

All serious sale hunters know that the two-day shopping event is the time to score majorly discounted deals (aside from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of course). They also know to mark their calendars and do as much research on when Amazon Prime Day 2021 is and what sales will be available on le fateful day. So if you consider yourself a certified online shopping pro, (or want to rewrite your mistakes of missing out on Prime Day of yesteryear), then you’re in the right place.

For the uninitiated, Prime Day is a two-day shopping event hosted by the online retail giant and only open to Prime members. You’ll find tonsssssss of stuff on major markdown—I’m talking everything from beauty to fashion, fitness, sex, tech, and home decor. (Pro tip: If you’re not already a member, wait until we get closer to Prime Day to sign up for that 30-day free trial. You’re welcome.)

I’ll admit: The official date hasn’t been released yet, but we’re expecting a summer shopping extravaganza. It usually lasts for two days, with new sales coming out each day (and new lightning deals coming out nearly every hour).

Because more and more Amazon retailers are participating each year, it’s hard to predict exactly what markdowns will be happening this time around. I know, I wish I could give you more info, but you should 100 percent bookmark this page and check back often, because we’ll be updating you on all the Amazon Prime Day deets as soon as they leak (scout’s honor).

In the meantime, while you wait, check out these gotta-shop deals on Amazon. They may not be part of the official Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals page (at least yet), but they’re definitely can’t-miss.

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