Looking To Refresh Your Space? R29’s New Home Decor Collection Is Here To Help


In the era B.C. (before COVID), “home” had its designated purposes. It was where you slept, got dressed, sometimes cooked. You’d come and go. On whims. You’d vacuum only when absolutely necessary.

Now, several months deep in quarantine, “home” is: an office, a restaurant, a workout studio, a bar, a spa, a beach, a library, a movie theater, et al. Which means it’s the perfect time to give your space a makeover.

For over a year now, Refinery29 has been working hard to create a creative line of home goods that’ll help make the interior of your home feel just as inspiring as the outdoors once did.

Designed in partnership with VCNY New York, the full collection is curated by women, and it might include just the home-office-spa-gym accent your prolonged quarantine has been waiting for. With a line-up of bright statement pillows, textiles, and sheet sets, the full collection is now available to shop on Amazon. Click through to shop our favorite home touches, now.

If your taste in textiles skews towards bright, solid colors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better match than our Shea Cotton Quilt Set. To complete the scene, break up the colorway with a more neutral accent pillow.

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