Your Outfit Isn’t Complete Without One of These Cool Bucket Hats


The compliments await.

Like dad sneakers or tiny sunglasses, bucket hats incite a lot of opinions. On one side, you have your fearless friends who dive right in. On the other side are the wary fashionistas thinking, “It’s a cool style, but I could never wear that.” (I was in the latter group.) It seemed so dad-ish, or so I thought. Then one day, while on vacation, I completely forgot my straw hat and as a last resort to avoid a sunburn on my head, I slipped my boyfriend’s blue bucket hat (with a fish print) on.

Now, his wasn’t the stylish ones you saw on the runways (sorry, babe), so I was slightly embarrassed because I was in a full on “dad has gone fishing” look. But, I don’t know when—maybe it was after a few selfies and a piña colada—I started loving the bucket hat on me. It kept my head cool, it was slightly oversized for a comfortable fit, and I actually looked cute with it on in photos. I was reluctant to give the bucket hat back when the sun went down, which gave my BF, who has sworn by this style for years, the ultimate satisfaction. Since I couldn’t keep stealing his, I went on a search for my own. Ahead, I found 12 cute options to start. Whether you’re that fearless fashionista or the apprehensive bucket hat shopper, the versatile selections below will convince you to buy one for 2020. And yes, you 100 percent can rock it.

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