Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, and Now Oprah Have All Gotten Behind This Comfy Boot Brand


With all of the commotion that took place across the country this weekend — from the announcement of the next president to the loss of a national idol — it would have been easy to overlook another (admittedly less dramatic) slice of American news.

Oprah released her hotly anticipated list of Favorite Things for 2020, and it was precisely the blend of familiarity and excitement we needed after a tough week in a tough year. Massively buzzy handbags and foolproof pedicure kits made the list, but we’re possibly most tickled by Oprah’s declaration of love for a pair of shoes from a celebrity-approved boot brand: Sorel has been worn by everyone from Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton. And now, even Oprah can’t keep her obsession a secret.

“They’re sneakers! They’re hiking booties! They’re both,” Oprah wrote about the Kinetic Conquest Sneaker, her Sorel boot of choice. “Waterproof and lightweight with warm microfleece lining, cool-looking rubber heels, and funky laces, these are built for stylin’ through stormy weather.”