Instagram’s First-Ever Trend Report Says Goblincore Is Up Next In 2022—Here’s A Breakdown Of Its Biggest (& Most Unhinged) Fashion Predictions


And just like that, 2022 crept up on us all, but one thing we know for certain is that we want to be more adventurous in how we dress ourselves in the new year. We can scroll through countless Pinterest boards or even unexpected sources of inspiration like Etsy, but the biggest fashion trend hub is still undoubtedly Instagram. This year, the platform released its first-ever annual trend report, and its findings couldn’t have shocked us more.

Instagram predicts goth, dark academia and nostalgic wear to gain traction in 2022. Those three alt-fashion trends aren’t too out of the ordinary for what we’re already seeing on social media. But one that we simply did not expect is goblincore. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering, “WTF is goblincore?” It might not be the biggest thing right now, but leave it to us to explain why it’s on the rise.

Per the report, a whopping “50 percent of teens and young adults are going to be trying bold fashion like Dark Academia, Goblincore, and Nostalgic wear in 2022.”

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