Easiest makeup hacks for girls who hate makeup


If you think find applying makeup big task, we bring to you some of the easiest makeup hacks that’ll provide you a glamorous look.
If you are wearing heavy jewellery, then nude makeup shades — orange, peach should complement your outfit. If you are choosing a lighter outfit and avoiding heavy jewellery, then too, you can stand out with bold red or maroon lips.
All you need to know is how to balance your makeup.
Dark lips look really nice in the winter season. So, if you want your lipper to be bold, then prefer keeping the eyes muted, with a simple winged-eyeliner and nude eyes. If you are going with bold eyes, then go for muted lips.
For those interested in experimenting with their looks here are few tips for playing with their eye-makeup. There are lots of different types of liners available – graphic liners, faux liners, angel wings, smudge eyeliners and more. You can try those for quirky, fun looks.

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