Inside Dua Lipa’s Stay at a Snake-Shaped Mexico City Vacation Rental


With numerous hit singles, platinum records, and several accolades in just four years, it’s clear Dua Lipa is levitating to global stardom. So it’s no surprise that one of the biggest hitmakers in the industry is using her new fortune to splurge on things like, oh you know, an exotic vacation rental that’s shaped like a snake.

The singer recently shared photos to Instagram of her quirky stay at Quetzalcoatl’s Nest, an Airbnb in Mexico City that pays homage to an ancient Aztec god known as the feathered or plumed serpent. And judging by the pics, Lipa’s visit to the condo was one to remember.

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Built by architect Javier Senosiain, the technicolor structure—which was highlighted on Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals just last month—is complete with a head and tail and features a curved body (like a snake) with cave-like walkways inside. The rental itself is located in the belly of the complex and can host up to six guests in four bedrooms for $355 a night.

Unlike the colorful exterior, the one-of-a-kind interior space is mostly minimalist and modern with natural-colored walls and wood detailing, but still has some eye-catching highlights—like the stained-glass doors, a whimsical sitting area featuring a golden hand-shaped chair, and rounded nook-like areas that sit right in front of the window overlooking the sprawling landscaping. The property also boasts a surrounding park with a botanical garden, a cave of minerals, and lakes, making it the perfect place for relaxation.

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