IMAX Prepping For Post-Pandemic Cinema Boom


IMAX, the large format movie company, is getting ready for a post-pandemic cinematic boom. In an interview, head of post-production at IMAX, Bruce Markoe said that his department is now operating at nearly pre-pandemic levels, and in July will be working to prepare nearly 200 versions of its movies. This number represents the total variations of the movies that are currently in post-production stage, delivering unique subtitles, dubs and logos to movies for each of the 81 territories in which it operates.

While in many territories cinemas have been forced to remain closed, the plan is that once they do open they’ll be plenty of movies for punters to see. “There won’t be a lack of content in theaters,” Markoe says. “There’s a lot of movies that we’re working on now and we have more coming in.”

Cinematically he points to Peninsula, the sequel to Train to Busan, which is set to be released in several international markets. Not all of these will be coming to cinemas, though. IMAX has been working on remastering 17 older documentaries, and most of these, such as “A Beautiful Planet (2016),” and “Pandas (2018),” will be appearing on the Hulu streaming platform in the US during July.

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