2020 iPhone Shock As Five ‘All-New’ Apple iPhones Revealed


Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup has already leaked in stunning detail. But now new information not only disputes a lot of this, it also gives a first look at the company’s radical all-new 2021 iPhone.

Respected Japanese site Macotakara delivers the shocks, having tapped into its supply chain sources to attain 3D printed models of Apple’s four iPhone 12 models and completely overhauled 2021 redesign. If correct, the news is going to leave millions of iPhone users disappointed this year but blown away by Apple’s ambitious plans for the so-called iPhone 13.

Prosser issued a new update reiterating his position that the iPhone 13 will be different to the chassis mold Macotakara attained. Prosser believes that Apple will not move the iPhone 13 to USB-C but instead make a completely port-less model which relies on wireless charging and a Smart Connector for connecting third party accessories. He also believes that Apple will reduce the notch on the iPhone 12 and equip the Pro models with a LiDAR sensor. This creates a clear head-to-head between two prominent industry sources.

Starting with the four iPhone 12 models, Macotakara shows that contrary to popular opinion (and despite all-new internals), externally the range will not deviate as far from the iPhone 11 lineup as widely expected.

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