I’m An Esthetician, Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Here, 3 Beauty Tips


On this week’s Clean Beauty School, we cover a lot of ground. We open the episode with a fruitful conversation about how our guest fosters self-love, her beauty journey, and what she wants to teach her daughters—and end it with a treasure trove of skin care, makeup, and hair care tips.

But with a guest who has as robust of a resume as Tiffany Lee, it makes sense. She’s licensed as an esthetician, makeup artist, and hair stylist (a beauty triple threat, if you will), and shares her words of wisdom all over social media. Including this tip that aligns just so with the day the episode is published: “If you use them as tools for creativity, makeup, skincare, haircare, and wellness are all an act of love and self-care,” she says.

Here, three beauty tips from the episode that will help you show yourself some love.

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