How to refresh your beauty routine in 2021


Give your top shelf a new year makeover.

As we finish up the first week of 2021, you might be feeling motivated. Everything is in order for the new year: your calendar, your closet and your kitchen. But what about your makeup bags and medicine cabinets?

Michelle Lee, editor-in-chief of Allure, stopped by TODAY to share the magazine’s best tips for what to ditch and what to add to your beauty routine in the new year.

When to toss out beauty products

Start your refresh by trashing the old. “Eye makeup doesn’t last as long as most cosmetics,” Michelle said. Anything that’s going around your eyeballs, like mascara or eyeliner, should be replaced every three to six months.

Nail polishes that have separated or changed color are irredeemable. So are lipsticks that have dried out or cracked. Toss them out and replace them with fresh bottles.

“Skin care doesn’t have an endless shelf life,” Lee said. “Check the date on your products like sunscreen, which last for a year or two.” The advice is especially important for any products that require you to dip your fingers into a jar, as it can start to grow dirty.

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