Geometric Home Decor Is Trending Now — But There’s A Twist


Sculptural shapes have always been a fixture of modern design, be it in the fashion world, visual art, architecture, or even interior space. But in terms of the latter of these, there’s a new way to do geometric home decor — according to the experts — and it could freshen up your abode in a totally unexpected way.

When you think of geometric design, your mind might immediately go to hard-edged shapes. However, the latest home decor trend offers a softer approach. “I think that soft, round edges have made a strong comeback versus hard edges and people are more inclined to use these organic shapes in their homes now,” explains designer Cara Woodhouse. “From rounded stone edges in bathrooms to arches, lighting, and fun accessories — even featuring balls — this is the type of geometry I’ve noticed recently.”

In a recent trend report, vintage decor hub Chairish noted that geometric pieces would be taking over homes in 2021, and the company’s co-founder and president Anna Brockway specifically shares that they’ve seen people continuing to gravitate towards Memphis Group-inspired and other Postmodern styles, which often add colorful, playful touches to strong shapes. In fact, the mixing in of such vintage pieces can already be seen in the feeds of Instagram’s biggest design influencers.

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