How to look amazing this autumn: Fashion tips for men


This one’s for the single guys out there: doesn’t everyone wish they had someone by their side? Thankfully, on reading this article (and actually implementing the tips), it won’t be long before that’s possible. Though beauty is skin-deep and real companionship is found underneath, on first encounter, potential suitors can be very analytical, checking out everything from how one looks to how one smells. It might be worth ticking some boxes to really succeed in the dating world. The devil is in the detail, so let’s get down to business: here are some top tips for dating success.

Ride a fashion wave

Having a unique sense of style is important. It helps differentiate a person from the others, making him more attractive. Though. of course, it’s easy to scroll dating platforms for a one-night stand nearby, more often than not it’s going to be necessary (better, even!) to approach a potential mate in real life. That means it’s necessary to dress to impress, and that’s where having a good sense of style will come in handy. Even on dating platforms, matches usually check the photos prior to having a conversation, so taking a picture that features a nice outfit will allow singletons to gain a couple of extra points in attractiveness. However, since styling trends come and go, it’s a good idea to make sure that a chosen look feels comfortable in the longer term. Bell-bottoms from the 60s might be a great expression of someone’s individuality, but for most they aren’t going to cut it! Many men are a bit out-of-touch with the current trends, but the solution could be as simple as checking out a fashion magazine or doing a quick Google search. This should give enough references to get a rough idea of what to wear.

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