How to Apply Concealer Flawlessly, According to Makeup Pros


Acne, age spots and hyperpigmentation and dark circles are normal part of life and having skin, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. But for when you’re looking for even-toned, flawless coverage, the right concealer can feel like a magic wand that can cancel out discoloration and glide over uneven texture.

Concealers come in a myriad of consistencies, forms and finishes, from liquid to cream to stick and beyond. The key is to find the right formula and tone for whatever issue you’re trying to hide. Here are all the makeup tips and tricks you need to know to make your concealer look flawless:

1. First, pick the right color concealer

Finding the right tone and the right color for the task at hand is crucial. Here’s your cheat sheet:

Peach shades cancel out blueish undereye circles and dark spots from sun or aging.
Green tones hide red blemishes — follow up with a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly (or close to!).
Yellow-toned concealers help to correct uneven skin tone from redness or hyperpigmentation.
2. Choose the right formula for the job
Not all forms of concealer are created equal. Pick from these options depending on what you’re trying to achieve: