How Selena Gomez’s Beauty Routine Goes Deeper Than Skincare


Selena Gomez started acting at seven and has been in the spotlight ever since. While she went on to add singing to her repertoire as well, Selena’s latest venture is a line of makeup called Rare Beauty that includes everything from foundation, to blush, to highlighter, to an oil blotting compact.

If you thought it was just another celebrity makeup line, think again. Selena has been candid about her struggles with mental health and how important mental health awareness is, which is why she decided to give one percent of all product sales–plus funds raised by partners–toward her Rare Impact Fund to support mental health services. She also started the line with the goal of it “being an accessory to compliment what’s beautiful about you,” as she told Vogue. And while she’s definitely picked up a thing or two on makeup after years in makeup chairs, she admitted that it wasn’t until the last few years that she realized how important skincare is. Well, she’s been doing something right because, at 28 years young, she could very well still play a high school teen like she did on her Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Here’s exactly what she does in her beauty routine.

She uses a rich moisturizer.

After cleansing with a “skin soothing foam,” Selena told Vogue that she then applies Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream. “It’s so thick and yummy that you actually don’t have to use that much of it.”

She never goes to bed with makeup on.

When asked by ELLE in 2016 what the worst beauty advice she ever heard was, she said it was that it’s okay to sleep in your makeup. “I just can’t understand when—and no offense—people have to wear makeup all the time, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, you can sleep with a tinted moisturizer or a self tanner on your face and you can wake up.’ For me, I just think that’s not my vibe, plus I do breakout. For me, I can’t really sleep with things on my body or tinted things just because I get worried. It’s not my vibe.”

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