How do you use fashion to communicate your identity?

Crop tops or cargo pants? Bell bottoms or blazers? Fashion is a non-verbal communication that can represent one’s political and religious beliefs, gender identity, occupation, and essence. Whether intentional or not, the way that you dress can send a message to others about how you view yourself and how you want to be seen.
Fashion originated in ancient Egypt and Rome, “where clothes made a difference between the poor and the rich,” according to Fashion has now expanded into a way for people to creatively share their identities with the world, including but not limited to their financial status.  
“I dress with whatever I’m comfortable in,” said Andrea Taylor, a theater major. “Whatever fits my body type and just things that are in style, sometimes I usually show a lot of skin. But there are a few days where I want to cover up a little bit, especially on the colder days.”
Taylor believes that fashion can be used to deliver whatever message you want. She also thinks a lot of people tell their stories with fashion. 
“I get a lot of compliments on how I dress and it makes me feel awesome,” Taylor said. “I guess I try to give off good vibes with how I dress. I try to look inviting for people to come talk to me.” 
Taylor remembers when fashion became important in her expression of self. 
 “My sophomore year in high school is when I really started to care about what I wore,” Taylor said. “That was a great way for me to build confidence.”

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