Here are the best Apple Watch deals right now


The Series 3 or Series 5 are frequently discounted

Thinking about picking up a new Apple Watch? It’s never a bad idea to wait until there’s a good deal, and thankfully, those happen with some regularity. The latest model, the Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $400, but it’s frequently available for $100 less than that. If that’s a little too expensive, you can drop at least another $100 off that price for the Series 3 Watch.

The Series 4 is a good choice, too, though not many retailers sell it, and it can be tough to find at a discount that’s all that much better than the Series 5. At this point, I wouldn’t recommend buying a new Series 1 or 2 Apple Watch, as they’re slower, less feature-rich, and they won’t get the upgrade to watchOS 7 later this year.

Apple usually releases a new iteration of the Apple Watch each year — in September, to be specific — so you might see prices fluctuate in response to a new release. The price for last year’s model usually won’t drop in free-fall, but retailers will be trying to clear out their stock.

While I mentioned that Apple Watch deals are a fairly regular occurrence, there will be times where there are no price drops on new models, though, some sites offer good deals on refurbished models, so we’ll include those when it seems like a smart buy.

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