Google Reveals 2020’s Top-trending Fashion and Beauty Searches


Skin care, at-home haircuts and celebrity style ruled the year’s top-trending fashion and beauty searches, according to Google.

The company released today its annual “Year in Search” report, outlining the search items that sustained the highest spikes in traffic for a period of time in 2020. The report, which draws from trillions of queries, includes data on the top-trending searches within fashion and beauty. Among them are questions on building a skin-care routine, how to dermaplane, indie style and Noah Cyrus’ outfits.

Last year’s “Year in Search” pointed to a collective interest in makeup trends such as fake eyelashes, blush and liquid foundation. Beauty YouTuber James Charles was one of the top-trending searches that year.

This year’s data stands in stark contrast, reflecting beauty’s shift to skin care and DIY as the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a greater focus on at-home self-care rituals.

VSCO girl, e-girl and e-boy style were among last year’s top-trending fashion searches, with Billie Eilish, Audrey Hepburn and Ariana Grande leading celebrity style queries. In 2020, fashion queries leaned nostalgic, with users most curious about Eighties, retro and Early Aughts style.

Below, WWD highlights the top-trending searches in fashion and beauty from this year’s “Year in Search” Google report, which can be viewed in its entirety here.

Questions on skin care
What is the best skin-care line
What are the best skin-care products
How to build a skin-care routine
What order to do skin care
What is AHA in skin care
How to get rid of acne
What does vitamin C do for your skin
What does hyaluronic acid do
What does toner do for your face
What is combination skin

“What does…” on skin care
What does vitamin C do for your skin
What does hyaluronic acid do
What does retinol do
What does toner do
What does niacinamide do
What does lactic acid do
What does “clean skin care” mean
What does glycolic acid do
What does micellar water do
What does serum do

Fashion styles
Indie style
Streetwear style
Alt style
Urban style
Skater girl style
Eighties-style clothing
Boho style
E-girl style
Y2k style
Retro style

Celebrity outfits
Noah Cyrus outfit
Maria Taylor outfit
Lil Nas X Grammy outfit
Billie Eilish Grammy outfit
Lizzo basketball game outfit
Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl outfit
Travis Scott Batman outfit
Melania Trump outfit
Harry Styles outfits
Shakira Super Bowl outfit

Beauty how-to’s
How to cut men’s hair at home
How to plop hair
How to color your hair at home
How to wash your hands
How to style curtain bangs
How to cut women’s hair
How to do knotless braid
How to fade hair
How to trim your own hair
How to dermaplane

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