5 Easy eye makeup hacks for the girls with glasses to get that GLAM look


Eye makeup is an important part to get a gorgeous look. But girls with glasses may have problems to flaunt their eye makeup. So, makeup artist Bhavya Arora shares some eye makeup hacks for girls with glasses.

Eyes are always one of the most important for makeup and it has to be gorgeous enough to make us look stunning. But girls with glasses often have issues with their eye makeup. It often doesn’t show properly and sometimes the glasses ruin the entire eye makeup.

So, for this, they need some easy hacks to make their eyes look gorgeous even with glasses. These hacks will help them to flaunt their eye makeup. So, makeup artist Bhavya Arora gives us some easy eye makeup hacks for the girls with glasses.

Easy eye makeup hacks for the girls with glasses:

Brows are important

You cannot and should not avoid your brows while doing makeup. And this becomes more important when you are wearing specs. So, Bhavya Arora said, “Do your brows up! Make sure your brows complement your face, whether you like them sharp or natural. You can do your brows up using a brow gel or powder or pencil to make them impactful.”

Kohl is best

Kohls are always best to create a dramatic look with your eye makeup and this helps to make your eyes look gorgeous and prominent even with glasses. Bhavya said “Go for a kohl look – apply kohl inside your eyes, as a liner and even below the lash line to create that beautiful kohl-eyes. You can even smudge the kohl for that dreamy look.”

Coloured liners

Girls with glasses also can do a little experiment with coloured liners and pencils. Bhavya feels that trying different coloured pencils and liners like blue, purple, green and even pink is not only fun but also brings out the colour of your eyes – even through those glasses.

Metallic eye shadow

Regarding metallic eye shadow, she said, “Use metallic eye shadows or eyeliners to make your eyes pop through the glasses. You can even use a smidgen of pigment if you like.”

Crystals at the edge of your eyes

Girls with glasses can also be bold and experiment something different. Bhavya mentioned that if you are the bold and experimental type, you can even play with sticking crystals at the edges of your eye or inner or outer corners for a fun night out.

Lastly, she said “Don’t let your glasses stop you from having fun with your eye makeup. Experiment with colours and products and see what makes you feel comfortable and confident and most importantly, have fun!”

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