Gigi Hadid Shares Several New, Rare Photos of Her Pregnancy, Baby Khai, and Zayn Malik


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcomed their daughter, Khai, last September, and as of now, they plan to give her a quiet farm life in Pennsylvania. The usually private Hadid doesn’t usually share a lot of photos of her little family on social media.

For that reason, it was a big deal when, today, she began sharing several never-before-seen photos on her Instagram story. First, she posted a photo of Khai’s feet in footie pajamas with the prompt “post a picture from this date.” She added the note, (“doing it with dates just makes it easier/faster to find pics!! also more fun imo”). She added that Khai was napping, so she had a time to take part in this fun photo game.

For the date Aug. 6, she shared that on that date, she chose a paint color for the nursery. Khai was born in late September.

Someone else asked to see a photo from exactly six months before, on February 6. She mentioned that this photo was taken “right before” she found out she was pregnant.

She posted this photo from September 8, just weeks before she gave birth. It appears she’s in the nursery; there are stuffed animals in the photo that look like they might be long to baby Khai now.

May 21, 2020:

Here’s one of Zayn walking Khai in her stroller in December:

Here’s a photo Hadid shared in June:

And a photo of her by the pool in August:

Aug. 20. “sleep was getting hard at this point”:

Khai’s little feet in November:

“turned half my office into khai’s playroom,” she wrote. Ummm…I’m very jealous of this playroom.

Khai’s sweet hand:

Look at this personalized snowsuit!!

Hadid wanted ribs when she was having pregnancy cravings, and they look…incredible, tbh:

Throughout most of her pregnancy, Hadid kept her pregnancy private from her social media accounts. But in August, she shared a series of maternity photos taken by fashion photographers Luigi and Iango in July.

In September, just before she gave birth, Hadid shared this:

From the looks of it, little Khai’s life is going to be well documented!

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