4 tips to create a haircare routine to reach your beauty goals


Want beautiful, healthy hair but not sure where to start? With so many products available it can be difficult to know what products are actually needed and why. Turns out? It’s probably fewer than you think! Plus, by implementing a few tried-and-true haircare routine tips, you can achieve your hair goals and get your healthiest locks yet.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Every haircare routine needs a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. We recommend alternating between a protein enhancing line and a moisturizing line to keep hair strong and healthy. Our favorites are the Aveda Damage Remedy and Therapist by Evo.

To ensure a clean scalp and help stimulate hair growth, we recommend trying our rejuvenating scalp massage treatment! Or you can gently massage your hair while you shampoo to mimic the effects.

Once you’re done washing and conditioning your hair, make sure to not wrap your hair in a towel as this can cause breakage. Instead, drape a towel over your shoulders and leave your hair down.

2. Styling Preparation Products

Heat Protectant: If you’re going to be heat styling your hair, its critical you add a heat protectant while your hair is damp. This will protect against damage and keep your hair healthy. We love the Mr. Smith Leave In.

Holding Product: This will help maintain your style and keep it looking amazing! For a light option, we recommend trying the Aveda Styling Foam Phomollient which is applied to damp hair. For stronger hold, we love the Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin, which is also applied to damp hair.

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