From Rihanna to Hailey, the Rise of Zodiac Necklaces Is Written in the Stars


“What star sign are you?” has long been common parlance, but a rise in zodiac necklaces means there’s no need to ask whether the wearer is into astrology or not. Rihanna is rarely seen without her Briony Raymond Jumbo Pisces medallion, a blingtastic emblem dotted with diamonds, while Meghan Markle recently wore Logan Hollowell Taurus and Gemini Constellation neck charms, in honor of Archie and Lilibet, during her 40th birthday broadcast. Hailey Bieber’s Sagittarius insignia comes in the form of Anita Ko’s diamond framed coin pendant, while proud Libra Bella Hadid looks to affordable brand Mazza Boutique for sweet zodiac and birth year necklaces.

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