Factory Fashion Produces A Dali Inspired Fashion Show

Factory Fashion’s Dali inspired fashion show blurred the lines between art and fashion. Each collection paid tribute to the late artist helping to bring the immersive exhibit to the runway. The show included a dance performance, a chance to explore the Dali exhibit and an opportunity to see some of Colorado’s best local designers. 
 The show began with a dance performance by jk-co Dance where four dancers took to the runway barefoot, adding a flare to their performance. 
Following the opening number, designer Heidi Bowden offered a performance of her own through clothes. Two models took to the runway —  one dressed up as an egg where moments later, the egg cracked open and the model revealed a yellow top with a translucent skirt. Though the collection was short, it was certainly one of the most unique. 
Following the grand opening, producer and designer Skye Barker Maa debuted her SKYE|AIRE collection. Rather than focusing on bold patterns, like her Denver Fashion Week Aquatic collection, this one focused on unique shapes. Maa really favored triangles, circles and rectangles stacked on top of each other and overlapping one another symbolizing the structure of Dali’s paintings. Maa’s collection was the epitome of avant garde in the sense that each look grew more extravagant and was the perfect conclusion to Dali inspired fashion show. 

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