Everything You Need to Know About ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Rachel Recchia


At this point, being a member of Bachelor Nation is a full-time job that I invest more time into than my, like, actual job. Mostly because ABC simply cannot stop stacking seasons on top of each other with nary a break in between. Like, we barely got any time off post-Bachelorette before Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season dropped on January 3! I, for one, am exhausted. But! The sheer fact that we immediately met a whole new group of future Bachelor in Paradise cast members and aspiring influencers contestants is one of the things that’s kept me holding on. That said, the time has come to get to know Rachel Recchia, because she seems like she’ll be a major player on Clayton’s season.

Actually, on that note, lemme just say this: THERE ARE SPOILERS in this article. The top half? Safe. The bottom half? Full of details on what’s going to air in Clayton’s season. But don’t worry, we’ll drop another warning in the form of a Barb GIF before then. For now, here’s what we know about Rachel from Clayton’s season.

MUCH LIKE PILOT PETE, IF YOU WILL! Anyway, 25-year-old Rachel is a pilot *and* flight instructor, so if you’ve ever felt the need to fly a plane, hit her up. According to The Sun, Rachel is from Orlando (which is where she’s based currently), while Clayton is from Missouri. So there might be a long-distance situation to factor in—not to mention Rachel’s busy travel schedule.

I mean, it’s kinda part of the job description.

Reality Steve confirmed that Rachel was in Clayton’s final four back in early November, tweeting that Rachel was an elite member of this group along with Susie Evans, Serene Russell, and Gabby Windey.

In other words, we know she made it to hometown dates. Reality Steve even confirmed as much:

And then Steve went ahead and mentioned that Rachel had made it to the final three along with Gabby and Susie!

Meaning she’s probably in his final two. At least according to Reality Steve. To rewind a moment, you know how ABC dropped that Bachelor trailer where Clayton casually told two women he’d been intimate with both of them? Well, according to Reality Steve, one of them is Rachel.

“The two women whose backs are to us (and he’s seemingly telling he was intimate with both) are Rachel and Gabby, two women we know had hometown dates,” Steve confirmed, adding that the shot of a woman crying is Sarah (who wasn’t there during this conversation). “The shot of Sarah crying was squeezed in from another point in filming since we know Sarah didn’t make it to Iceland. So most people assume now Gabby and Rachel are your final two based on that shot in Iceland. Certainly looks that way, but with the way the editing works and how tricky they can get sometimes, the only thing we know for sure is that whole scene happens in Iceland.”

Honestly was feeling all kinds of zzz’s about Clayton’s “love journey” given his lack of personality on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, but something tells me this might be shaping up to be (wait for it) THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER. Or at the very least the most horny, which I’ll also take.

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