Essential Decor Items for Christmas


Special occasions are a great time for decorating our homes. Christmas is no exception. Since childhood, we get accustomed to seeing our homes decorated with ribbons, wreaths, garlands and a Christmas tree. Suggested below are some home decor items to light up our Christmas spirits.

1. The Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is essential while preparing to decorate our homes for the December 25 celebrations. It can be a real tree or a synthetic one, provided we don’t dump the latter outside and contribute to environmental pollution. Christmas trees, decorated with wreaths, ribbons and baubles, are one of the most recognisable symbols in the world. It is said to be a symbol for spring, life and fertility.

2. Candles and lanterns

Candles are a great decorative item for Christmas, especially colourful ones. There is a great significance to the use of candles as it represents the Star of Bethlehem in Christianity. The star had guided the three wise Magi to the newborn Jesus. By extension, candles also become a symbol of Jesus Christ himself, who fought against the darkness of the world.

Lanterns serve a similar purpose in Christmas decorations and also represent the Star of Bethlehem. They can be traditional metal lanterns or ones made from paper featuring intricate and beautiful designs.

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