The world around us is changing. And we’re adapting. New needs and requirements provide the impetus to actively work on tomorrow today. We, at Schattdecor, have used the past few weeks to reevaluate our “Urban Styles: Places of tomorrow” trend concept in terms of new trends and influences. What we have discovered is that creative people are in demand like never before, especially in the areas of living, work and life. It’s time to develop decors and products that meet these new requirements that will be used in an expanded field of applications.

We’d like to present our Decor Selection 2020, a decor package consisting of innovations and bestselling decors that have evolved from our “Urban Styles” trend concept – via digital online package including detailed background information. From the viewpoint of “Adapting to a new normality”, we have compiled this selection for you based on the latest trend research and internal developments.

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