Checker Nails Are Officially the Coolest Manicure of the Season


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Take a look at all the coolest girls you know and chances are they have something in common: they’re all rocking checker nails. In the past few weeks, it’s been impossible to scroll Instagram without seeing the graphic pattern incorporated into French tips, retro florals, and mismatched manis. Blame it on the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit or Lisa Says Gah, the fashion darling of the moment, but there’s no doubt it’s happening.

And by “happening,” we mean it’s everywhere. No longer limited to board games or classic Vans, the pattern has been popping up on home goods, clothing, and phone cases with fun twists like poppy pastels and wavy edges. In fact, it’s having such a moment, it’s a corner stone of what fashion fans have cheekily coined the “Avant Basic” aesthetic—think Paloma Wool matching sets, Wildflower phone cases, and colorful carpets.

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