Bobbi Brown’s 5 most important beauty tips


As the legendary make-up artist brings her new brand across the pond, she provides her best advice for modern make-up-wearers

Bobbi Brown has always been comfortable going against the grain. Her illustrious career began in the 1980s when, as an emerging make-up artist, she eschewed the paintbox brights and maximalist impact of the time to offer a more muted, restrained look. With the sepia shades of the 1990s just around the corner, she was clearly onto something.

It wasn’t until 1995 that Brown truly became a household name. Her eponymous brand encapsulated the way women wanted to look at the time: like themselves, only brighter.

Now, five years after stepping down from her first company, Brown is back with Jones Road: a skincare and make-up line that chimes with today’s low-key approach to beauty.