Biggest 2020 Fashion Trends That Were Quirky But Cool


Boleros? Belly chains? Harnesses? If it looked good on Zoom, it was a top trend in 2020 — no matter how confusing.

In a year as strange as 2020, it’s only logical that the fashion trends that resulted from it would follow suit. After the year’s first Fashion Month, when the pandemic was but a whisper in many parts of the world, fashion pivoted. While fall ‘20 saw decadence reign supreme and impossibly beautiful gothic dresses, following the arrival of COVID-19, everything changed. In the process, some of the strangest, yet most intriguing pieces have gained traction.
Knit bras and high-waisted underwear sets propelled the lingerie as outerwear trend, that involves displayed underwear. Think: boxers as shorts and bras as tops, styled with boots and an oversized blazer.

Visible thongs reminiscent of the early ‘00s, which saw an unprecedented resurgence this year, fall within this trend, too. Other knitwear silhouettes rose in popularity due to our constant need for comfort in lockdown, though it wasn’t your typical turtlenecks and crewnecks that took center stage. Instead, boleros and shrugs were the shining stars, showing up on celebrities and Instagram influencers, alike. Extravagant brooches, spotted in Rodarte’s fall ‘20 collection, and other accessories were swapped out for belly chains, detachable collars, and harnesses, which were suddenly everywhere as well.

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