Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 design just leaked — and it’s stunning


These Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 designs show us two potential futures for foldable phones

A slew of new design renders hint at what the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will look like when it launches next year, and they could signal a serious evolution in foldable phones.

Both Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy Z Flip only have one foldable component. But these renders, made and published by Pigtou and xleaks, show how a next-generation Galaxy Z Fold could potentially sport a dual-hinge design, effectively giving it a lot more folding potential.

We reported earlier this month on a patent Samsung filed for multi-foldable devices, which is the source for Pigtou’s renders. Both of the concepts feature multiple hinges to allow even larger displays and additional versatility, but they do so in two different ways.

The first is made up of a larger central display with two smaller displays connected on the left and right, one of which is double-sided. It allows for the same fully open or fully shut usage as the existing Galaxy Z Fold, but you can also open it partially. This would be good for one-handed usage, or for accessing the single quad-camera array in selfie mode with a larger viewfinder.

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