A Model’s Warm White Living Room Is a Favorite Spot in Her L.A. Home


Welcome to our new series, Room Envy, where we ask interesting people about a favorite room in their house. From minimalist living rooms to vibrant kitchens, we’re zeroing in on the best features of the most enviable rooms.

Who: Jessie Andrews is a retired adult film actress turned model and creative. Not only is she the founder of jewelry brand, Bagatiba; minimalist swimwear brand, Basic Swim; and chic ready-to-wear line, Jeu Illimité; but she also recently opened Tase Gallery, an immersive art and shopping space in L.A.

Where: Jessie bought her minimalist 1930s home in a historically preserved area in Los Angeles a little over a year ago. Since living in a historic home has come with a unique set of challenges due to preservation codes, she’s focused on decorating the space with secondhand pieces and art she has made with friends, rather than making major changes to the architectural structure.

The inspiration and aesthetic: Jessie’s favorite part of her home is the living room. “I grew up around Spanish-style homes in Miami,” she explains. “When I moved to L.A., I lived in a loft downtown, and it took me almost 10 years to make it feel cozy and figure out what style of interior design I really loved for a home. I’ve always been inspired by architecture and design, not only interiors.” Jessie visited Italy a few times and instantly fell in love with the culture and history—and decided to decorate her home with that in mind. “It’s one of my biggest influences to live by—a laid-back, comfortable mentality mixed with my obsession with New York’s clutter and pace. Aesthetically, I’m drawn towards spaces that are cohesive and minimal yet lived in,” she says.

Square footage: The living room itself is about 500 square feet with 10-foot ceilings. Jessie became enchanted with the room when she first saw it because of the windows on almost every wall, and the fireplace.

Her favorite pieces in the room: “The room color is Swiss Coffee, which is a warmer white, and I think it compliments the Spanish arches and beams,” Jessie explains. Colors were everything when planning the room. The curtains are a sour cream color, which drag on the floor and slightly cover the stained glass casement windows that are original from the 1930s. “My desk, console, and couch were all thrifted for under $500. I have three Poul Kjaerholm chairs, a Noguchi lamp, and way too many wood stools. Throughout my house, I have a collection of art from friends, and furniture I’ve made. I love the idea of looking at anything in a home and having it spark a memory or feeling,” she adds.

The best part about the room: “My favorite part about the living room is the corner where my desk sits,” Jessie adds. Though she didn’t originally plan for it to be there, it found its way into a pocket near the window where sunlight comes in throughout the day. “It’s a welcoming and inspiring place to work because of its simplicity, yet it’s quite busy in the rest of the room with stools and objects.”

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