8 Beginner-Friendly Careers for Fashion Students

To find a well-paid job in the fashion industry, it’s great to know this field from within. And the best way to do this is to start gaining experience as early as possible. Your task is to find opportunities to communicate with recognized fashion professionals, expand the circle of useful contacts and take part in projects as a freelancer or an intern in well-known companies.
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Buyers are purchasing specialists responsible for the variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories of a boutique or store. They attend fashion shows, do research on the internet, and analyze competitors, looking for new designers and their collections. Buyer has to take into account fashion trends, consumer needs, as well as the characteristics of the specific region. 
You may be in charge of both the entire boutique and one of its departments or a type of product, such as skirts or dresses. Also, professionals must be good at financial literacy and know the features of import and export as well as pricing strategies.
A stylist can be employed by magazines, brands, boutiques, TV shows and stay responsible for designing looks for photo and video shoots. These specialists typically organize brand advertising campaigns, as well as create individual outfits for personal customers. This job is perfect for those with organizational and communication skills and artistic taste, of course.
Today, many decide to cooperate with private clients, curating their entire wardrobes. They consider the color type of the person, their figure, social status, budget, as well as features of character. Many stylists also work as journalists, trend hunters, and personal shoppers. 

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