7 Halsey Superfans on Their Favorite Products From The Singer’s about-face Beauty Brand


Makeup is for everyone. That is the sentiment shared by Halsey’s fans and users of about-face, the beauty brand founded by the artist themself, Ashley Frangipane. “Ultimately, I want about-face to be the brand of creative expression and that builds self-confidence with the best innovations,” Halsey tells ELLE.com.

Curated around ideas of sharing the imagination and work of their customers, the brand embraces the individuality and uniqueness of its products and the people who use them.

“My fans and about-face customers are more creative and talented than I ever could have dreamed,” Halsey notes. “Every single day, I see someone do something with an about-face product that inspires me. Hearing people comment that about-face products have gotten them out of a creative rut or given them the confidence to be bolder with their makeup, and seeing their creations is so rewarding.”

Below, seven superfans who deserve an MBA in Halsey open up about their favorite products from the about-face brand and the excitement of the new DayTripper line.

The Daytripper collection is available now on about-face.com, with new shades of the Light Lock Lip Gloss ($20), Matte Fluid Eye Paint ($24), Light Lock Stick ($25), and Light Lock Powder ($30).

IInspired by the ’70s and music festivals, the founder, who also does the makeup for the campaign shoots, said, “I designed the DAYTRIPPER colors to be playful, fun, and reminiscent of the styles from music festivals of the ’70s.” They continued, “I wanted this to be nostalgic and aspirational for the times that were and where we know we will be again.”




“It’s important for brands to represent everyone and not the idea of what beauty should look like. In a world where we want diversity & inclusion, why should only women get to wear makeup, feel good about themselves, and use something that gives them confidence? The colors are so pigmented & they do not budge. Every single product is so versatile. I love that I can mix to create different shades too. I can use the Nudist Judas Lip Paint on my lips or as an eyeliner!”



Inspired by his friend Lance (@lanceaguas), Indigo (@indigotohell), created this skull look using the about-face black shadow stick and light lock highlight fluid. When it comes to makeup, he states that it genuinely has no gender. “For the LGBT+ community, it’s never been about gender, it’s always been a powerful source of empowerment and celebration of artistic and inner expression. It’s about time that brands start to recognize that! about-face pushing towards this is a crucial step; the industry to let go of that facade.”


“about-face has raised the bar when it comes to beauty brands. Makeup has no gender; it’s about expression, showing your creativity, and just being you. It shows people just getting into makeup that you don’t have to be a pro, and you don’t have to be a woman to enjoy makeup. My favorite product has to be the Matte Fluid Eye Paints! I love that you can mix them to create your shade. Halsey made them like paints, which allows me to create art that doesn’t move. I also love that I can wear them on the lips.”


“My favorite products are a three-way tie between Paint-It Matte Lip Color in Slumber, Matte Fluid Eye Paint in shades Smell Before Rain and Cloned, and the Matte Fix Lip Pencil in Clockwork. Halsey has always been so experimental and ahead of the curve when it comes to their beauty looks. My favorite part of the products they created are how versatile and loose with the rules they are. My favorite thing to do is to use their Matte Lip Colors as blush or bronzer. Makeup is supposed to be a fun way to play around, and I’m glad Halsey is taking some stuffiness out of the industry.”


“I’ve been a long-time fan of Halsey’s music and their dedication to embracing who they are and supporting fans in that way too. Being plus-sized makeup was the one thing that I could see in a magazine or store and actually wear. I’m a fan of about-face not just because it’s the brain-child of Halsey, but also because the products hold up. They’re long-lasting, vibrant, and affordable. The best part is you can mix and play around with everything to create unique shades and designs. My go-to is always the light-lock lip gloss, the sparkly colors and nourishing oils have me reaching for the different shades like its chapstick.”

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