Hailey Bieber’s Secret to Glowing Skin Is Going to the Beach


The bareMinerals ambassador shares her diet, fitness, and skincare secrets.

Hailey Bieber has undeniably glowing skin, even for a celebrity. Take a quick peek at her Instagram feed and you’ll find countless pictures of the 24-year-old model with minimal to no makeup looking insanely radiant. While her complexion can of course be credited to her access to the industry’s most coveted aestheticians and experts (and the fact that she can’t yet rent a car), her personal secret to great skin is actually quite simple: go to the beach.

“My skin feels the best when I’ve been in the ocean,” the 24-year-old model tells BAZAAR.com. “Salt water is the best skin healer for me, and I’ve found that nature can be the most soothing for my sensitive skin.”

When she’s not oceanside, like during her Canadian quarantine with husband Justin Bieber in March, the model opts for nature-derived products that evoke the same feeling. “My beauty philosophy is finding clean and nourishing products with ingredients from the Earth that are backed by science,” she explains. “I’ve recently discovered this whole world of natural beauty that I love.”

While clean beauty is a priority for Bieber, she’s also somewhat of a skincare aficionado. She knows the ins and outs of active ingredients like retinol and how important they can be for maintaining youthful skin. “I love the new bareMinerals AGELESS collection with plant-based phyto-retinol,” says Bieber. “It’s way more gentle on my skin. I love the face and neck duo.”

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