4 Pro Tips for Improving Your Everyday Makeup


How to make your foundation and concealer look more like, you know, skin.

Whether you love a dramatic, full-color look or are more of a no-makeup makeup type, there’s a good chance your beauty routine starts with two steps a day: foundation and concealer. With long-lasting products in the right shades, these base-makeup heroes do the expected work of evening things out, covering, and concealing, and they can also brighten and highlight.

That said, these fundamental products are some of the most commonly misused—hello, unnatural texture and color—and underutilized for all the ways they can be wielded. To help you create a flawless, undetectable canvas for whatever additional elements you have in mind, we asked makeup artist Mark Edio for a few tips on how to get the most out of your foundation and concealer.

Start with Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage foundation and concealer—the products both last up to 24 hours, making them a reliable duo to start your makeup with and ideal for everyday use. Find your match-up, then read on for four essential lessons on using them that’ll make all the difference.

Blend Your Foundation Outward

Start by washing your hands and then use a foundation brush (be sure to sanitize these often) to apply foundation in the center of your cheek area, Edio says. Then blend outward using a cone-shaped sponge, pushing the product into the skin. This helps imperfections and various areas of discoloration that happen in the cheek area, around the nose, and near the mouth.

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