32 High School Graduation Gifts Teens Will Love (And *Actually* Use)


So your fave teenager is all grown up (cue the tears!), and you’ve just received their high school graduation announcement. You might not remember how major a milestone this felt, but it’s huge—so it’s time to help them rlly celebrate. You could send something small or practical, sure: No grad is gonna be mad at a card and some cash or maybe even a gift card (hello, college/life expenses!). But if you hate the idea of just mailing money, there’s always the option to go for something more creative. And, let’s be honest, coming up with perfect graduation gifts they’ll be grateful for and use every day is kind of an art. So let’s help you brainstorm some ideas.

First, don’t overthink it. You could get them a practical present—like a life-changing book, a new backpack for college, or a work bag for a new job. Or you could treat ’em to a fancy perfume or luxe makeup set to make them feel the most ready for their new gig. When in doubt, treat them to a special something for making it through what miiiiiight be one of the most stressful times in their life. Ideally, these keepsakes will make up for all the sleepless nights of studying, right?? No matter what, it should be a unique way to commemorate your grad’s big accomplishment. So scroll through for the top 32 high school graduation gift ideas that ~every~ teen would love.

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