30 Super Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Designs You Can DIY


There are two types of people: those who cover their nails (and wardrobe) in hearts at 12:01 am on February 1 and those who cringe at all the ruffled, pink, frivolousness of Valentine’s Day. These nail designs are for both of those people. Yep, these ideas have range–from the wonderfully gaudy to super minimal designs. Here are the prettiest, coolest, and edgiest V Day nail art options on Instagram.

Can’t decide if this nail reminds me of the ’70s or the Powerpuff Girls, either way I’m here for it.

Opting for a black lacquer really will make your hearts jump out. Add a matte effect to bring extra edginess to the whole nail.

I can practically hear Kylie Jenner copying these claws as we speak.

Want the cute Valentine’s Day design, but red and pink scare you a little? No worries, feel free to take on any design in a simple white. It’s still in the spirit, but very, very subtle.

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