25 Best Skin Care and Beauty Tools to Gift for Valentine’s Day

For someone willing to make their own face mask with edible ingredients from the pantry (break out the oatmeal and organic honey!), there’s another who embraces all beauty product technology. For those, beauty tools are the perfect items to gift this Valentine’s Day.
The following beauty tools for hair and skin are the perfect tools to add to any skincare routine for that product lover — the one who wants a pimple-zapping wand and a dupe of the hair multi-styler that broke the internet, but also seeks the best foundation blender around. These beauty tools are a no-brainer when it comes to adding to your daily skincare and beauty routine.
We’ve rounded up all the cutting-edge breakthroughs in the skin and hair arenas and balanced out this beauty shopping list with a few low-tech tools that are equally essential for anyone who likes to look good and feel good. 
Now, go ahead and put the oatmeal back where it belongs, already. Shop the best beauty tools to gift for Valentine’s Day 2023 to improve your loved one’s hair and skincare routine ahead. 

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