How to start a fashion collaboration: Spell Byron Bay shares a guide

In fashion, collaborating with artists is always a multilayered process, but when the artist is a member of a marginalised community, more thought is required. How can you ensure the partnership is one of equal footing, grounded in appreciation and respect? The short answer is that it’s not easy, and you need to be willing to put in the work.
When iconic Australian fashion designer, Spell and the Gypsy collective reached out to First Nations artist Kylie Caldwell to collaborate, it gave way to a deeper dialogue. What started as a meeting of kindred creators – a connection between two creative minds – turned into a blueprint for the future.
After collaborating on a seven-piece, limited-edition collection based on Caldwell’s vibrant artworks, both parties saw an opportunity to share their journey and offer a guide for others looking to collaborate in good faith. In the spirit of transparency and sharing, they chose to offer up their process as an open-sourced, step-by-step resource. It’s one that can be used by any brand looking to collaborate with a First Nations artist. 
For any brand wondering where to start, the practical how-to guide to ethical collaboration is available in full detail, but below find the key points.

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