14 Perfect Winter Hats to Add to Your Cold-Weather Looks


Hats are here to save the day.

To be or not to be … a hat person? That is the question. One cannot deny the unique flair and instant elevation a hat brings to an outfit. It’s like the cherry on top of a perfect look—no pun intended. With so many covetable styles and options available—from berets to beanies to baker boy caps—there is certainly a style that will suit your fancy. Plus, as the days grow cooler, the perfect hat adds another layer of warmth, which never hurts. Ahead, our favorite winter hats to add to your rotation.


Hey, Alexis, play “Raspberry Beret” by Prince.

Mishka Faux-Fur Beret

Unleash those inner Doctor Zhivago vibes with this baby.

Avy Camel Hair Hat

You’ve heard of the teddy coat? Now meet the teddy hat.

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