125 Years of History in Glazed Steel for Unique Bathroom Furniture


For 125 years, German brand Alape has been perfecting the visual as well as haptic experience of washbasins and washstands made of glazed steel.

In product design, we frequently talk about form and function. Yet there is one factor that often – even if subconsciously – determines the favour or disfavour of potential users: the tangible experience of a product through touch. The material as a tactile surface can be worth more than a thousand words. This explains why Alape, as a specialist in glazed steel products, pays particularly close attention to this aspect.

A brief digression into human biology: among the five senses, the sense of touch is most essential to survival. It is only thanks to tactile perception via the skin as a sense organ that we are able to feel emotions such as touch, tenderness, pain or warmth. The importance of this ability is already demonstrated by the fact that the sense of touch is the first to emerge in the womb, in just the second month of embryonic development.

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