12 Things People With Perfect Skin Do Every Day


Sure, genetics play a substantial role when it comes to how our skin ages—but a disciplined skin-care regimen can pack a pretty heavy punch, too. Here, top aestheticians share the top rules to follow to get your best skin right now.

Thoroughly cleanse, every time

“Leaving makeup on your skin, or even the oil and dirt that builds up during the day if you’re a non makeup-wearer, sabotages you of a healthy, balanced complexion,” stresses celebrity aesthetician Candace Marino. “I always tell my clients to remove their makeup every night before bed, either with a cleansing milk or an eye makeup remover, depending on how heavy their makeup is that day,” adds top Hollywood facialist Cristina Radu.

A great way to ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and never stripped: double cleanse. “The double-cleanse process removes all makeup, loosens impurities, circulates blood flow, stimulates muscles and helps with collagen production,” explains holistic aesthetician Erika Yamaguchi. “The first step is to massage an oil cleanser onto dry skin for about 30–45 seconds, rinse, and follow with a foam cleanser.”

Use vitamin C everyday

A staple in every great skin-care regimen, vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to shield skin cells from damaging free radicals via UV exposure, which, over time, lead to premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation. Much like sunscreen is a non-negotiable each morning, Czech says those with great skin “never skip vitamin C.”

While vitamin C is available in many forms—cleansers, treatments, serums and moisturizers, to name a few—serums tend to be the most potent forms of the ingredient. In the market for something new? Here are our current favorites.

Ingest good-for-your skin nutrients

Once a skeptic to how much power supplements had over the appearance of the skin, Marino says she’s now a true believer after witnessing a huge change in the skin first-hand. Her go-to? The Nue Co Skin Filter ($60), a daily supplement packed with antioxidants, vitamins A and C, plus zinc. “It helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, prevent it, blur imperfections, and helps to purify the skin and strengthens its integrity. After two months of use, I became a believer—now this is a daily practice for me and many of my clients.”

Another glow-boosting option is enzymes, which are available at many health stores. “I always suggest that my clients ingest proteolytic enzymes just before going to bed,” adds aesthetician Julia March. “They are anti-inflammatory and positively affect the health of our whole body, especially the liver, thus promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.”

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